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February 7, 2017

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Cosmetologist or Barber

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Many people might be skeptical of you taking on a career in cosmetology or barbering (how much longer until the beauty school dropout jokes get old?!). What they may not understand, though, is that becoming a hairstylist or a barber can be an amazing career that allows you artistic freedom while also providing you with many rewarding experiences.

Here are five reasons pursuing licensure in the beauty industry may be worthwhile for you!

1. Work When YOU Want

If you pursue a freelance job, or a job where you can set your own schedule, you could be your own boss. In fact, 44% of barbers and cosmetologists are self employed! That means you can be the one calling all the shots! Your schedule can be based on what works for your needs, not anyone else’s.

Looking for a part-time job that can work with your kids’ schedules? Plenty of salons allow you to rent a chair just a few days a week! Or, if you’re looking to work full time, cosmetology and barbering both could provide a lucrative career that is also fulfilling.

2. Possibilities Can be Endless

Both barbering and cosmetology allow you to personalize your career path to your individual talents and goals. That means if you are a dad that wants to run a small business or a hospitality worker looking to change careers, there are options for you! Here are just a few jobs you could find yourself working with a barbering or a cosmetology license:

  • Salon Manager
  • Part-time Stylist
  • High-End Barbershop Stylist
  • Independent Hairdresser
  • Instructor

Whether you’re a go-getter with a knack for networking, an artist looking to work in a creative environment, or an empath who loves helping others feel confident, there are plenty of paths to your possible dream career in barbering and cosmetology!

3. The License is for More Than Hair

With a cosmetology license, you can do more than just women’s hair! This license can allow you to do several services within the beauty industry:

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Eyebrows
  • Nails
  • Men’s Hair
  • Waxing

In school, you can try out these different areas of the beauty industry, and there you can see what you really enjoy. You can perform a variety of hair or skin services during your career; it’s up to you!

4. Salon Life

While working in a salon or barber shop, you don’t have to worry about working in a boring, stuffy office environment. You can thrive in a creative environment, and make lasting relationships. Oftentimes, small talk turns into big talk in the chair and your clients become your friends.

At some jobs, you may feel disconnected from your tribe, but working in this industry often creates your tribe. Your clients and coworkers usually want to connect and keep you in the loop with their lives. When it comes to spending a lot of time in the salon, you can gain more than salon experience, you can also gain lifelong friends!

5. Creative Freedom

Artists take heart! Unlike some parts of the corporate world, the beauty industry embraces individuality, both in lifestyle and appearance. No matter how you like to express yourself, chances are there is a salon that embraces your uniqueness.

Whether your vibe is more classic, grunge, or trendy, there is a place for you. In this industry, you can find like-minded creative types all around you!

Get Your Start at American Beauty College

Are you interested in pursuing a career in beauty? Start with an education! Check out our Barbering School and our Cosmetology School to learn more about this rewarding industry. You can also contact us online or call us to schedule your tour to see if American Beauty College may be right for you!

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