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December 21, 2017

What or Who is Pivot Point® International, and How do Students Benefit?

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What does the name Pivot Point® International mean to you? To a current or aspiring beauty school student, it means the way that you are being taught your beauty curriculum. It means a modern way of learning.

Pivot Point® is the educational system that American Beauty College has transitioned to using. Why did we make the change? Because we believe in the improvement and innovation of learning techniques and systems. Here are a few ways that Pivot Point® can help our students learn.

Who is Pivot Point® International?

Pivot Point®, in short, is an educational system for beauty school students. They have been in the industry for over 50 years, educating students around the world. They provide students a variety of tools and communities in which to grow and develop as beauty professionals. Cosmetology, esthetics, and nail students can all thrive in a curriculum thanks to Pivot Point®.

“Pivot Point International’s philosophy of lifelong learning, combined with our offerings, encourage growth and professionalism in an industry that is built on products and services that help everyone look and feel their best.” – Pivot Point®

How Can They Help Me Learn?

Pivot Point® offers a variety of learning experiences that can help you master the skills you want as a beauty professional. Below are some of the inclusive ways you can learn using the Pivot Point® educational system. (And these aren’t even all they offer!)

LAB® (Learn About Beauty)

Learn About Beauty is the online platform that our education is delivered on. Students can engage through games, communities, and customizable options. Pivot Point® knows that students spend the rest of their lives with the convenience of being online, and education shouldn’t be any different!


Fundamentals® is made up of 13 different areas of study, all delivered through LAB®. All of the modules taught can be learned in a variety of creative ways and different learning styles. Learning comes to life when you pair LAB® and Fundamentals®!

Salon Fundamentals®

This learning system can help students master and remember skills taught in their curriculum. Improve, retain, and perfect your knowledge! Salon Fundamentals® are for Esthetics, Nails, and Stylists!

How Do I Start Learning?

If you’re interested in learning with Pivot Point® International, contact American Beauty College! We’re more than happy to walk you through our program and how Pivot Point® can benefit you.

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