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October 4, 2017

What Do You Learn At Cosmetology School?

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Every beauty school is different, but most cosmetology programs teach students the basics of hair, skin, and nails. Some schools can include or offer makeup or esthetics courses, but they are not always part of the standard curriculum. When deciding on which beauty school you want to go to, always research what the program teaches you!



Cosmetology students are all about learning hair! If you want to be a cosmetologist, it’s probably because you love hair and want to make the trendiest hairstyles. In cosmetology school you can learn anything there is to know about hair. Cutting hair is just part of the education! Beauty school students can learn the science of styling ranging from how chemicals affect hair to how to scientifically make it as strong and beautiful as possible. Cosmetologists aren’t just hair stylists, they’re hair scientists!



What good is a stylish new haircut if your nails are still drab as a rainy day? Beauty schools regularly include nails as part of the cosmetology curriculum because it’s an important part of the beauty experience! Many students love learning nails because it’s where they can be creative and experiment with new ideas. For social people nails are especially enjoyable because they are a more face-to-face experience than cutting hair. No matter what kind of beauty student you are, you will love the thrill of making someone feel beautiful!


Social Skills

While many beauty school students are naturally gifted at interacting with other people, most beauty schools make sure to cover social skills to some degree. This is largely because cosmetology students tend to end up either working at a salon or opening a salon of their own.  In both cases, the stylist needs to know how to provide the best experience for customers as possible! Customers are more likely to return if they feel great before, during, and after their salon experience; happy customers are returning customers! For more tips on keeping customers happy, check out our Communication 101 article!

Additional Courses

Not all beauty schools structure their courses the same way, but most of them have other courses that you can immerse yourself in. Are you interested in esthetics or massage? These courses are often taught at beauty schools, so you can get the right mix of what you’re interested in!

Preparing for Beauty School

Are you still trying to decide about cosmetology school? Check out our blog on Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cosmetologist. If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour of American Beauty College, reach out to us at (626) 472-7402 or on social media!

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