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December 31, 2019

What Can You Learn in Nail Tech School?

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Are you passionate about beauty and love all things nails? Have you thought about nail school? At American Beauty College, our manicuring program hopes to prepare our students for a career doing something they love! If you want to know more, check out these courses you can take as an aspiring nail artist and what kinds of skills you can practice in nail school.

Shaping, Painting, and Filing

All nail technicians begin their education by learning the basics like cutting, filing, painting, and proper safety techniques. This course covers things like each tool a technician could use, how to sanitize and keep them clean, and how to shape nails of all different sizes. Once you know the basics, you can start learning more about more advanced topics!

Manicures and Pedicures

Learning how to do manicures and pedicures is one of the funnest parts of your education! Here you can learn how to soak the nails, trim cuticles, and paint nails of all types. This work station might look different than others, and may include more specialized techniques and treatments. You might also get to try waxing, foot scrubs, and more! At American Beauty College, our nail students learn spa manicure treatments to help prepare them for all types of work environments, from high-end spas to owning your own salon.

Health and Safety

Part of your nail program will most likely include safety and health practices. This might be being able to recognize normal and abnormal nails, diseases, and nail disorders. It may also cover safety procedures to prevent the spread of disease at your manicure station. By making sure you are following safety practices, your clients will know they can trust you doing their nails!

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Gel, Acrylic, and Nail Art Techniques

This is the part many nail tech students look forward to most: learning how to apply special treatments like gel and acrylic nails, and nail art! You can learn how to apply nail tips and false nails, as well as how to perform nail art.

Nail art is very popular recently, and good artists can be requested by clients as they become more well-known. As you go through school you can learn all about recent trends and practice new skills. You can also take continuing education to stay on-top of nail trends after graduation as well.


At American Beauty College, you can learn massage as part of your nail school education. Learn how to really pamper your client, especially when it comes to manicures and pedicures. You can learn massage techniques for hands and feet and how to help your clients and customers feel relaxed and pampered.

Business Skills

As a nail tech student, you have many career opportunities open to you after licensure. You might choose to work in a salon, high-end resort, or even become your own boss! American Beauty College strives to help students achieve their potential by including Pivot Point International in our curriculum. Through this program, you are in charge of your education with customizable online courses and modules. Grow your knowledge, network with other nail technicians, and refine your skills and business training.

Preparation For the California State Exam

Our school hopes to prepare students to sit for the licensure exam. Each state has their own nail technician licensing requirements and tests. In California, you can expect to sit for both a written and practical exam. You may also be required to renew your license periodically. Check the requirements to apply to take the licensure exam in California.

Apply To Our Program Today!

If you are excited to try nail school for yourself, take a look at our nail program and get in touch with our admissions team. You can take a tour and get to know our culture to see if we might be a good fit! Then we can help guide you through the admissions process, help with enrollment, and more. Call us at 626-472-7402or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear about your beauty dreams!

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