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August 17, 2016

Excellent Haircut Idea for Men: The Taper Fade

The Classic Taper Fade Cuts

It is commonly referred to as a businessman’s cut where the hair is cut short enough to comb on top then cleanly tapered down to 1/8 inch around the neck and ears. It is also known as a traditional men’s haircut for any lifestyle and face shape.

The Classic Taper Fade Cuts - Excellent Haircut Ideas



The Classic Taper Haircut is the quintessential man’s haircut.  It is easy to maintain, short, masculine and absolutely never goes out of style.  If I had to choose one haircut that is completely appropriate of almost all men, of all ages and lifestyles, this would be the cut.  The shorter sides make it easy to style and maintain, while the longer to allows for some styling options.  For this particular model, the hair is clipped close on the sides and back (around a #2 blade) while the top is left about two inches long.

A bit of styling paste is applied to create holds and separation with a neutral shine finish.  Classic.  Alternatively, this haircut could be worn down in the front for a more casual look.

The Classic Taper Cut has also grown its popularity over the social media, from a Classic to Mohawk styles. And even barbers and salons tweet about it.





Here’s a from BARBERO PELUQUERO doing a classic taper fade cut

When styling a taper face haircut, the barber can’t go wrong with a side part. A part where in conjunction with any taper haircut is done along with the other winning classic taper cut combination.

Always consider the best quality of hair products when keeping your hair at its best. Any pomade, paste, a regular wax, or similar product works well for short hair. A higher hold hair product should be applied for longer hair.


Taper fades come in a variety of forms, each of which pair well with today’s modern hairstyles for men:

1. High Fade


The high fade refers to a quick decrease in the length of your hair. This is often done with an undercut style as the quick decrease in length is ideal for blending with this modern look.  
2. Low Fade


A low fade has more of a subtle look to it. The hair in this style will gradually decrease to the point where it joins with facial hair or it meets skin.

3. Bald Taper Fade


with a bald taper, the barber will cut the haircut extremely close to the skin at the lowest point in the fade. This is also known as a skin fade.

This haircut is typically popular this 2016. There are a couple of elements that work well with the classic taper. It is also combined with the Comb Over, Mohawk, Afro, High Top Cuts, or Curly hair to create a classic or modern hairstyle for men.

Basically, it can be styled in tons of different ways so you may always choose any style that suits you.

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