brunette hairstylist cutting blonde female's medium-length hair

December Student Highlights

The aspiring barbers and cosmetologists that attend American Beauty College come from many different walks of life. They also all have unique reasons that they have chosen to attend beauty…

female cosmetologist cutting short red hair on female client at her station

November Student Highlights

If you want to know what it looks like to be an amazing beauty school student, visit American Beauty College. ABC students are continually raising the bar of what it…

male barber shaping and cleaning up client's beard

October Student Highlights

Culture and atmosphere are some of the most important ingredients in making a beauty school great. You could go to a beauty school that has a great curriculum but if…

tips for straightening hair

Tips and Tricks to Straighten Hair and Avoid Damage

Want smooth, gorgeous hair but can’t seem to avoid the frizz when you pull out the straightener? Hair straighteners, like any other heat tool, can cause major damage to your…

august student of the month

August Student Highlights

The culture at American Beauty College is created by the great attitudes and work ethic of the students who are enrolled in our programs. The students who put in extra…

student of the month

July Student Highlights

At American Beauty College, we recognize that it is our students that make us great! The hard work, time, and energy they give to their educational pursuits is what gives…

beauty industry communication techniques

Communication 101: How to Talk with Beauty Clients

The beauty industry can be an awesome place to work. There are many exciting and rewarding aspects that come with being a cosmetologist, barber, or any type of beauty professional….

choosing between barbering or cosmetology

Cosmetology VS. Barbering: Which is Best for You?

Cosmetology school and barbering school both have the same end goal: making people look great and feel great about the way look! But each has its own way of accomplishing…