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February 7, 2017

Roaring 20s Revival

women's hair in the 20s

– by Jessica Anaya

Even now, our society is still fascinated with the roaring twenties, and we know why! The twenties fashions were so much fun. Here are our students creating these iconic looks themselves. Check it out!

Rackabilliy runner up Victor

Men’s Hairstyles

In the twenties, men preferred a hard part (a.k.a. the side part) with longer hair on top, slicked back with volume and shine. Today, we use the same tools and products to achieve this everlasting trend. All different hair types can accomplish this clean look. If you have a curly hair type, use a blow dryer and pomade to blow back to your desired look. Men with straight hair will find it easier to manage this look without the need of a blow dryer, only pomade.

Rockabilly competition Angelica

Women’s Hairstyles

In this day and age, long, short, or medium hair is never criticized. In the twenties, women were often blasted for short hair because the short style was considered unfeminine. The women of the twenties fascinatingly went from long hair to a bob all the time. To meet this style, they used hair tools that you can find in today’s beauty bags. A little hairspray, some bobby pins, a curling iron, and the women were ready to take on the day. This look has been manipulated and played with by our generation and we beautifully make this fashion eternal.

Do you love to create vintage hairstyles? Check out our Cosmetology School to see how we can help you learn how! Interested in seeing more of these styles? Give us a follow on Instagram!

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