cute toenail designs

Unbelievably Cute Toenail Art Ideas

What’s the best way to complete a look other than with the cutest toenails? Toenail art opens up so many new possibilities, since they don’t have to match your fingernails…

student of the month

July Student Highlights

At American Beauty College, we recognize that it is our students that make us great! The hard work, time, and energy they give to their educational pursuits is what gives…

beauty industry communication techniques

Communication 101: How to Talk with Beauty Clients

The beauty industry can be an awesome place to work. There are many exciting and rewarding aspects that come with being a cosmetologist, barber, or any type of beauty professional….

choosing between barbering or cosmetology

Cosmetology VS. Barbering: Which is Best for You?

Cosmetology school and barbering school both have the same end goal: making people look great and feel great about the way look! But each has its own way of accomplishing…

barbershop pole

4 Places You Can Find a Barber

Where Can You Work As a Barber? When you hear the word barber you probably think of a barber shop and the spinning pole in the front. However, what you…

cosmetologist's tools

3 Hair Specialties Cosmetologists Can Pursue

A career in cosmetology can open up a wide variety of career options. Many people dream of owning their own salon one day, while others are seeking to work the…

fashion model with pink hair

Bold Hair Bold Trends

Everyone loves a statement piece. Whether that pieces by your makeup, your favorite accessory, or you hair, you want to stand out. We’ve got 6 bold hair color trends you’ve…


Embracing Natural Beauty

The “no makeup” makeup trend is taking over and it’s a good thing! People are embracing their natural beauty and empowering themselves more than ever. Alicia Keys is one of…

hair with split ends

Secrets to Healthy Hair

After all the hair dye, bleach, and hot tools, our hair starts losing its shine and sometimes may even break. Our hair ends up requiring extra attention and some time…

makeup artist brushes

What It’s Like to Learn Makeup Artistry

Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, people everywhere are dreaming of becoming makeup artists. Here at American Beauty College, we respect makeup application for what it is: an art. That’s…