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Why Barbering is a Great Career Choice

There are many reasons people turn to barbering as a fulfilling career. It can offer a social and creative outlet with opportunities to create a career that works with your…

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Our Pivot Point Barbering Curriculum

Our Pivot Point Barber school curriculum can help prepare you for a future in the barbering industry. Learn about how Pivot Point can help provide an education designed to help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barbering

Ever wondered why your barber works the way they do? Many men are familiar with the barbering experience from the perspective of a client, but what’s it like as the…

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Student Highlights for November 2018

Check out our ABC’s awesome students of the month for November! These students went above and beyond in their training and we wanted to recognize them in our Student Highlights list.

Is it Time to Begin Beauty School? Take our Quiz!

Do you have a love of all things hair, makeup, nails, and skin care? You might find that you fit right in with us at American Beauty College! Right now…

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Student Highlights for October 2018

Here at American Beauty College, we want to celebrate each student’s success. To help our students step into the spotlight, we highlight two stand-out future professionals on our blog each…

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5 Signs Barbering Might Be Your Calling

Have you ever considered barbering as a career? Explore these five signs to find out if it’s your match.

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Student Highlights for September 2018

Meet Bre Anna Hanki and Angel Lopez, two students at our school, who have worked hard to be acknowledged with our Student of the Month spotlight.

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Student Highlights for August 2018

Here at American Beauty College (ABC) we love to celebrate the successes of our students! From the day they set foot into our classrooms to the day they graduate, we…

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Student Highlights for July 2018

At American Beauty College (ABC) we know that students are the backbone not only of the future of the beauty industry, but of the spirit and culture of our school….