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August 20, 2019

Our Pivot Point Barbering Curriculum

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If you’ve considered becoming a barber you may be wondering what it takes! Barbering is all about men’s grooming from beard trims to tight fades and cuts. Sure, YouTube and Instagram are full of tutorials and cool looks, but to be successful you need to learn more than just trends. You need to make sure you are learning the foundational technique in the correct way. That’s why you should come to barber school! 

“Knowing why allows the freedom to create.” – Leo Passage

Your school can teach you the business knowledge, technical skills, and customer relations that are hard to master outside of the classroom. Also, your school can help prepare you to sit for the state board exam that is required to become a licensed barber. Once you have the classroom learning you will be able to explore your artistic ideas and create the future of your dreams!

barber trimming beard

What it Takes

To really thrive in this industry it is important to have passion and drive. If you stay focused on your goals and push yourself you could accomplish great things! We are here to help prepare you for a successful future in the beauty industry. Our curriculum has been created with our students and their needs in mind. That is why we teach using Pivot Point® International

What is Pivot Point?

With Pivot Point, we can be confident that our barber course will be current and reflect modern trends. To ensure that the quality of their curriculum is maintained, Pivot Point limits the distribution within geographic areas. We are proud to be the Pivot Point beauty school in our area and thrilled with the education that it allows us to provide!

barber cutting hair

Take Your Passion to the Next Level

If you are creative, outgoing, looking for a flexible job or have an entrepreneurial spirit, barbering could be a great fit! Our barber school program can teach you what you need to know to dominate the industry. We balance test preparation, student salon learning*, and professional development so you can graduate ready for your future! 

*All services performed by students are supervised by licensed professionals. 

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