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November 2, 2016

How to Choose a Nail Polish Color That Will Match Your Skin Tone

How To Choose A Polish That Will Match Your Skin Tone

Watch this video this video by Marie Claire for Revlon:

Read further to know more great tips about choosing the best matching nail polish color for your skin tone.

Nail polish color should complement with your skin tone. You might have seen shades that trends seasonally but think again, not all colors that are “on trend” will match you complexion. Different colors flatter different skin tones (varying from lighter colors to darkest). Before you go ahead and choose a polish color for your nails, you must know beforehand the tone of your skin.


Pale or Light Skin Tone:

A pale complexion needs colors that will enrich the skin even more. It is often considered as a cool skin tone. It is best to choose colors pink or blue pastels but avoid dark shade of colors that will create an unwanted contrast. For this type of skin tone, pastels and nudes match perfectly.

Fair Skin Tone:

A fair skinned woman has a large variety of polish color choices since their complexion can apply lots of shades

Colors you should be avoiding are bright red or orange-red and yellow-based shades as these colors can overpower a fair complexion. Though, if you rather want to apply a sophisticated color you must avoid the green and orange shades.

Tanned Skin Tone:

For tanned tone skin, it is best to apply bright color because it can enhance your complexion than using neutral shade of colors similar to your skin tone. Bright shades of pink, purple and blue is highly recommended. Tanned skin tone is complemented by yellow undertone shades.

It is also best to avoid golden color polish.

Medium or Olive Skin Tone:

The greatest match for this skin type can match either gold or peach. It can also match with warm and yellow undertone and look inclined with metallic shades of silver and blue.

Avoid the red, darker purple and navy blue shade.

Dark Skin Tone:

If you have dark skin, you may use deep shades like mocha, maroons, dark red or dark green. Colors like a lighter shade of chocolate brown tend to look best too.

Avoid brighter shades like white, silver, orange and anything too pinkish colors for it will make dark skin seem darker, dull and aged.

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With a wide range of shades available in stores and salons, it’s kind of hard to actually choose the right color shade.

There are two main strategies we use when shopping for nail polish (or picking a color at the nail salon under pressure). You’re either the person who leaves the store with a new bottle and 10 fingers painted different hues, or you grab the first polish name you recognize. Either way, it can be hard to find a shade you love, especially when each brand offers (what feels like) endless color options.

These tips is not set in stones so it’s always up to you to do experimenting then trust your eyes and gut feeling to choose the best shades for you. Enjoy!

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