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July 20, 2016

Popular Makeup Trend for Women: Lip Colors

Hottest Lipstick Trend

What a fashionable woman can’t live without? Makeup and on top of the list, lipstick!

Invented for about 5,000 years from Ancient Sumerian until being tirelessly popularized in the 16th century up until now.

The use of lipstick embellishes the lips by enhancing the natural lip color and even change the lip color to make if stand out or simply emphasize. It has gone a long way and it has been continually evolving.

Here’s a video from Allure with the popular makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, presenting 100 Years of lip looks:


According to refinery29.com:

Is there a product out there that can instantly — and easily — transform your look better than lipstick? We think not. That’s why, when we start taking note of all the season’s upcoming beauty trends, we always keep our eyes on the lippies. Whether they’re glossy or matte, nude or bold, we know that we can keep our makeup bags stocked with options, and pull ’em out whenever our faces need a boost.

From classic shades, brights, and subtle hues, to interesting textures and finishes, in 2016, there truly is a lip product out there for everyone.

There will always a best lipstick product from Revlon to MAC Cosmetics and any brand of cosmetics the you have been using for years. But the thing is you have to keep up with the trend by color and hues.


According to brostrick.com:

It can be tough to swing matte lipstick.  If your lips aren’t prepped, matte lip color can look drying and chalky.  But if the conditions are right, it can look chic and modern.  Many of today’s matte formulas are light and smooth, as well as long lasting.  It also helps to look for formulas that are “luminous” or “conditioning.”

Here we have the top 3 out 5 selection of lipstick colors from the Redbook E-Magazine.

OUR TOP 3 TRENDING PICK OF LIP COLOR IN 2016 from redbookmag.com: 



Consider this a more cheerful take on the moody berry and wine hues from years past.

Revlon has promoted their latest swatches of these rich raspberry color lipstick for about $9.00. This color brings out the bold and luxurious shade of your lips and it is available in many outlets and all over the internet.



Choose one with blue undertones, then keep the rest of your face understated with black mascara and a little bronzer.

If you are looking for the best ruby red color lipstick I suggest you find a brand under MAC Cosmetics which offers it for $17.00. They offered hundred different hues to showcase the shade of your lips with elegance. But it is up to you to pick the best shade after all.



Pretty and ethereal, this subdued shade feels fresh for the new year. Anchor the look with a dusting of matching blush on the apples of cheeks.

With this color you may use a Transforming Lipstick – Petal Pink from Viviane which will cost you around $15.00 to transform those with intense pink shine and deep hydration.


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