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May 9, 2017

Embracing Natural Beauty


The “no makeup” makeup trend is taking over and it’s a good thing! People are embracing their natural beauty and empowering themselves more than ever. Alicia Keys is one of the biggest inspirations for the natural beauty trend. She has been devoted to not wearing any makeup since August of 2016. Her natural brows and prominent freckles make the movement gain that much more momentum. Even people who aren’t going makeup free are taking inspiration and creating the “faux freckle” trend.


Bushy Natural Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the main features that determine an individual’s look. The days of thin eyebrows are out the door, revealing that natural eyebrows are less of a hassle and can enhance your natural beauty. A lot of women look for natural ways to grow out their brows instead of filling them in, from home remedies to eyebrow tinting and even microblading. Everyone is trying to get the most natural look for their brows to enhance their beauty and make their routine that much easier.



People have tried hiding their freckles for years, but consider yourself lucky and stop hiding those freckles because they are trendy. Everyone who has them are letting them show and for those of us who don’t have freckles, we are trying everything to get them. Products such as temporary freckle tattoos are being made and some people even go to the extent of getting permanent freckle tattoos to achieve these adorable little spots. A less permanent solution is to dot them on with a brown eye pencil.

natural hair

Natural Hair

Either you let your curls free, your waves flow, or you keep your straight hair polished. Everyone is letting their natural hair become apparent. Embracing that natural hair can help replenish damaged hair and the less use of products can lift weight off your hair from previous product build up. Regardless of what kind of hair texture you have, going natural will benefit you in many ways.

What’s Your Favorite Trend?

Share your favorite natural makeup and hair trend with us in the comments below!

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