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August 9, 2017

Unbelievably Cute Toenail Art Ideas

What’s the best way to complete a look other than with the cutest toenails? Toenail art opens up so many new possibilities, since they don’t have to match your fingernails or your outfit. Here are some amazingly cute toenail art ideas for you to check out!

Let the Big Toe Shine!

What better way to show off your toenails than with a gorgeous big toenail? The solid color on the other toes emphasizes the beautiful design on the big toe. Even better, you can continue the design on other toes to create one great piece of art!

flowery big toe

Bring on the Glitter!

Spending the last few weeks of summer in sandals and flip flops? Add small (or big) highlights to your toenails and watch them glitter and shine as you move!

glittery toenail design

Patterns and Stripes? Yes, Please!

Want to add something to your toes but don’t have the time for a complicated the design? The possibilities are endless! You can choose simple polka dots, stripes, or something more complicated to add more excitement to your toes.

striped toenail paint

Add Splashes of Color!

A quick and easy way to make your toenails pop is to choose different colors for different toenails. You could paint your nails like a rainbow or choose similar colors as seen here to create a unique, cute look!

colorful toenails

Which toenail art is your favorite? Do you prefer the exciting big toe or the more subdued splashes of color? Want to learn how to do beautiful nail art? Check out our manicurist program!

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