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June 5, 2017

Bold Hair Bold Trends

Everyone loves a statement piece. Whether that pieces by your makeup, your favorite accessory, or you hair, you want to stand out. We’ve got 6 bold hair color trends you’ve got to try, especially during festival season.

Rainbow Hair

This colorful style is all the rage at the moment. There are many bold variations of this rainbow hair trend and here is a gorgeous and colorful example.
rainbow hair

Opal Hair

For those who like colorful hair but don’t necessarily want hair that is neon and vibrant, opal hair is the way to go. The color is muted almost faded. This washed out rainbow hair is stunning and effortless.
opal hair

Oil Slick Hair

This new hair trend has been all over American Beauty College. The reason this style is called an oil slick is because it closely resembles the colors in an oil spill but obviously more glamorous. The purple, green, and blue tones make the perfect edgy look.oil slick hair

Glitter Roots

Glitter roots have been very popular on social media and in various festivals. This trend is very easy for an average individual to do. It starts by mixing hair gel and glitter. Then, you simply cover your roots in the mix. Instead of hiding your roots, just make them bold and trendy.

Hidden Rainbow Hair

This is by far the most creative way to be involved with the rainbow hair trend without fully committing. To the normal eye, the hair looks to be a natural color but underneath is a vibrant rainbow ready to stand out.

Rainbow Roots

Rainbow roots go hand in hand with glitter roots. No commitment to dying your hair, just an easy way to stand out. Rainbow roots are done in various ways with temporary hair dye, hair chalk, and even colored hair spray.

Which one of these colorful trends is on your radar? Make sure to share your photos with us in the comments below!

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